Short stories: an antidote to troubled times

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Italo Calvino, Zadie Smith, Alexia Arthurs, Rudyard Kipling, Haruki Murakami, Alice Munro, William Faulkner

Italo Calvino — ‘The Distance of the Moon’

Zadie Smith — ‘The Embassy of Cambodia’

Alexia Arthurs — ‘Islands’

Jo Lloyd — ‘The Invisible’

Rudyard Kipling — ‘Mary Postgate’

Martin Amos — ‘Career Move’

Rachel Cusk — ‘Aftermath’

Haruki Murakami — ‘A Shinagawa Monkey’

‘Amundsen’ — Alice Munro

‘Barn Burning’ — William Faulkner

Short story resources for schools

More short stories we love:

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Considering education, schools and books. Elisabeth Bowling, Assistant Principal and Head of English. I tweet at @elucymay.

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